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Practice times & Location

Saturday 11:00h - 13:00h*

Park Transwijk, Utrecht

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E-mail: domtowerdementors@gmail.com

Tel: 06-30003780

*Please note: Sometimes we'll move practices because of other quidditch related events. Please contact us in advance if you want to attend a practice. 

Wednesday 19:30 - 21:30*
Kastelenplantsoen, Utrecht

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The team


Dom Tower Dementors was founded in the summer of 2015. It all started with an Open Practice in Park Transwijk, Utrecht, where both experienced and new quidditch players found each other. On the initiative of Nick van Klaveren that mix of players started a new team: Dom Tower Dementors. In august of 2015 they were part of the Sportsmarket in the introduction week of the University of Utrecht and started practicing twice a week in Park Transwijk. They've competed in several tournaments since. 




QuidDutch Cup - november 2015: 2nd place

Benelux Cup - februari 2016: 3rd place (best placed Dutch team)

Dutch League round 1 - October 2016: 1st place 

On 19 june 2016 they will organise the Open Dutch Summer Cup at Olympos Sportcentrum in Utrecht, with 6 teams from the Netherlands and Germany.




Membership Dom Tower Dementors

A team membership of Dom Tower Dementors costs €15,- per season. With a membership you can join practices for one season and you are welcome at team activities. If you want to compete in national and international matches and tournaments, you will need an additonal membership of the national sports association Muggle Quidditch Nederland (also €15 per season, see below).

Membership Quidditch Nederland

Individual membership is available for everyone and anyone looking to actively participate in the Dutch quidditch community. This membership offers amongst others the ability to participate in official matches on your teams roster, and to be kept up to date with upcoming events in the Netherlands or elsewhere.


  • A member must be residing the Netherlands.

  • A member must be 16+ or turn 16 during the season of registration.*


  • A member can count on help from QNL if necessary, e.g. when setting up a team or organising an event.

  • A member has a vote in the general assembly.

  • A member can apply for a place on the national teams roster.

  • A member receives IRDP support; a member has a right to make use of ref-calls with the QNL gameplay director.

  • A member will be kept up to date on upcoming events through the QNL mailing.**

* Members under 18 are, if demanded by QNL, required to have written permission from a guardian.

** as soon as this will be available


For the complete membership policy, click here


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