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All photos are made by: Robbert Bruggeling

Introduction Practices 2017

August 09, 2017

Always wanted to try quidditch? This is your chance! With the start of the new season upon us we organise a series of Introduction Practices for people to try quidditch. These will take place on:

Sunday 20 august 14:00h


Wednesday 30 august 19:00h


Sunday 3 september 14:00h


Wednesday 13 september 19:00h​

They will all take place in Park Transwijk, on the big open field between the pond and the petting zoo. RSVP to the Facebook events down below to let us know if you're coming! 

Are you wondering what quidditch actually is? Take a look at What is quidditch? section of the website.

Open Training - Midzomergracht festival

May 30, 2017

Always wanted to try quidditch? This is your chance! This all-gender, full-contact sport is an adaptation of the sport from the Harry Potter books. It's plays like a combination of rugby, handball, and dodgeball. In cooperation with Midzomergracht Festival (a major LGBT festival in Utrecht) we organise an Open Practice for people to try quidditch. The Dom Tower Dementors welcome everyone who's 16 years or older, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

The practice will last 2 hours and will cover the basics of the sport, ending in one or more matches. Definitely take sports clothes, sportshoes (preferably cleats) and a bottle of water with you.

Dom Tower Dementors win the Dutch Quidditch League

May 27, 2017

In the deciding last matches of the Dutch Quidditch League we managed to secure the #1 spot, making us the official Dutch champions! A big thank you to the entire team for their hard work and dedication leading up to this, all the teams for the amazing matches and Quidditch Nederland for organizing everything!

Photo: Alexander Blass


Dom Tower Dementors 140*- 80 Wageningen Werewolves  

North Sea Nargles 100*^ - 70 Dom Tower Dementors

Rotterdam Ravens 40 - 120* Dom Tower Dementors

Dom Tower Dementors 110 - 70* Wageningen Werewolves

North Sea Nargles 40 - 130* Dom Tower Dementors

Rotterdam Ravens 20 - 100* Dom Tower Dementors

* indicates snitch catch for 30 points

^ indicates overtime snitch catch for 30 points

Quidditch course at Olympos

January 29, 2017

Have you always wanted to try quidditch? This is your chance!

Our coach will be teaching a full 4-week quidditch course Sportcentrum Olympos (sports facility of Utrecht University)! This course will start from 13 February onwards, with a course each week on Monday 18:30h-20:00h. The course will be free for Olympas holders, but you’ll also be able buy a pass for a month. Sign-ups are open NOW and spots are limited, so make sure to do it fast! You can do that via this link:


January 21, 2017

With two victories at the EQC-qualification tournament today, we decisively won the only available Dutch spot at the European Quidditch Cup 2017! We want to thank the teams for exciting matches and Quidditch Nederland and the DQC-committee for the organisation. Last but not least, we are incredibly proud of our Dementors who have shown tremendous dedication in last few months, including today of course.


Dom Tower Dementors 160* - 20 Rotterdam Ravens Quidditch
Dom Tower Dementors 130* - 50 North Sea Nargles Quidditch Team

* = Indicates snitch catch for 30 points

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